Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Measuring Up & Pointless Laundry

This morning I took Piper's measurements so I can attempt to make things that fit her.  I had measured her several months back and I'm hoping the previous measurements compared to today's will help me to gauge how much she will grow by fall.  Wishful thinking, perhaps?  When her measuring was all finished, she wanted to measure me.  I was quite surprised to find out that my big toe was "45", my face was "12" and interestingly my nose was "40-40".

Over the weekend I had several more coupons so I was able to get the rest of the fabric needed to complete my project.  I picked up 2 different colors of corduroy, a cotton interlock knit and some denim.  I want to start with bottoms so I can make tops to mix and match with them.  So today I spent my morning washing fabric.  I know that every sewing pattern, book, website, etc. tells me to wash the fabric prior to starting to work with it but I have always felt that this was pointless.  Yes, I know fabric shrinks when washed.  And, I know that will affect my final product once it is eventually laundered.  Here's the problem, I dislike doing laundry.  The 6 loads waiting in piles by the wash machine are testament to that.  Usually DH gets tired of waiting for clean underwear and will do it for me (have I mentioned yet what a good guy he is).  I knew this time however that no amount of waiting would get him to do it for me.  So, I bit the bullet and washed several yards of unused, perfectly fine fabric.  One thing I have learned from those various books, patterns, and websites that did come in handy today was to serge the edges of the fabric before washing, this eliminates a lot of fraying from the cut edges.

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