Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Best Laid Plans

Let's face it kids clothes are expensive.  The amount of use some items get vs. the amount paid for them is something I try not to think about.  So, I like to shop at the end of season sales to pick up items for the coming year.  You really can find some great deals if you hit the sales right.  Like the $3 hunter green, cable knit sweater I got for Zachary from Gap one year.  Probably still one of my best finds.  It did help that we were living in Hawaii at the time.  

This weekend I spent some time swapping Piper's closet to her summer wardrobe.  While I was in her closet I decided to take down the bin full of fall and winter things I've picked up for this coming fall and winter.  Certainly I have some pieces that will work well with my project and can act as inspiration pieces.  Certainly I was wrong.  Not all was lost, I did find a sweater and a cute corduroy skirt that will work (see picture below, but please ignore the wrinkles).  I pulled them out and will put them in my "work shop" to aid in the design process.

Speaking of design process.  Eek!  I have picked some adorable fabrics and I'm very happy with my choices, I only wish I could commit to making the first cut.  I have sat and stared at these fabrics with patterns in hand trying to come up with the best plan, with the cutest outcome for each. I wonder how Piper feels about togas. 

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