Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Preview (Part 1)

Finally, a preview of the kiddos Halloween costumes.  I sure do hope that after all this work, Hurricane Sandy doesn't dampen our Halloween festivities.  According the The Weather Channel, we might be right in her path.  Let's hope she changes her mind and stays out to sea!

This year for Halloween Piper is going to be Little Red Riding Hood:

Several months back I got my hands on a copy of Oliver + S Little Things to Sew.  Such a cute book with some great kid friendly projects.  One of the first things I noticed while looking through the book was a pattern for this darling hooded cape.  I was sold then and knew what Piper was going to be for Halloween.

The cape is done in a red corduroy.  My first instinct was to make the cape very luxurious, but then reality set in and spending upwards of $15 or more a yard for some fancy fabric just didn't make sense. I'm not the least bit disappointed I went with a less expensive fabric, it's still darling.  

The lining is Aneela Hoey's A Walk in the Woods.  I just couldn't resist adding Little Red Riding Hood to the lining of a red riding hood. :)

The dress was so simple.  It is the Oliver + S Music Box jumper with a few modifications.  I used the bodice pattern and added an inch or so to lengthen it so it hit near Piper's natural waist.  For the skirt, I used the width of the gingham fabric, twice.  Yep, that's 80+ inches of fabric wrapped around a 20" waist.  I gathered, and gathered, and gathered.  I wanted a nice full skirt so I could put a full pettiskirt under it.  I didn't get a good picture of the pettiskirt, but I will try to on Halloween night.  I got the pettiskirt from this shop online.

I have had the costume sitting in the living room in various stages of finishing for a few weeks.  I wanted Piper to see it all come together and get excited about it.  She goes back and forth each day as to wether she will actually wear it or not.  So, there is a good chance that the photo's you see on Halloween night will be her walking around the neighborhood in something other than this.  I hope she does decide that she'd like to be Red Riding Hood for Halloween, because I know she will look ridiculously cute in this costume! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Library Wednesday!

It seems like this is the only post I am managing to write lately.  Things have just been busy.  I'm sort of looking forward to winter when things slow down a little instead of feeling like I am in constant need of a nap.

So, it's Wednesday and that means it's Library Story Time!  I had so many plans for what Piper would wear to story time this week but time only allowed for this:

This week's theme was fruits and veggies.  The blouse is done in Riley Blake's Apple of My Eye fabric.  The red is some leftovers I had in my stash. Teal and red is one of my favorite color combo's I just don't work with it that often.  This is the second time I have made this blouse, the first one is here.  The first one came together so quickly, I was sure the second one would be even quicker.  I was wrong.  I don't know what the problem was but I just couldn't get it together.  Somewhere around 10:30 last evening I finished it enough to be wearable for today but I want to fix a few things for future wear.  For starters, I noticed at the library that there were still basting stitches and dress marks on the blouse.  Those will have to be removed.  I made the blouse in a 2T but added an inch in length because I was hoping to get some extra wear out of it.  I think it's probably just the right length now so I want to remove the hem and either finish it with a narrow hem or use bias binding on the bottom.  My intention with the sleeves was to put elastic in them for a cute finish, I didn't get that done either so I will fix that too.

So, in addition to all of that I had started to make a pair of pink twill cargo pants to be worn with the shirt.  The weather was calling for a high of 80 degrees today, so I hated to have Piper wear twill pants and a long sleeve shirt on such a nice day (I already made her do once it for ocean week).  So, I wasn't in a rush to get the pants finished.  They still need a hem and the waistband finished, but they are adorable and I hope to finish them ASAP.  I thought she could wear the hopscotch skirt I made in July, but it needed buttons.  It still needs buttons, I didn't finish it for today.  I should probably finish that ASAP as well or she'll grow out of it before too long.  In the end, I paired this top with a red corduroy skirt I had gotten at the end of last winter from Gymboree for $9.

She can be such a goof when you ask for a smile! :)

Tomorrow we will start talking Halloween costumes.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Library Wednesday!

Wednesday, wonderful Wednesday!  It's time for library story time!

Today's library theme was "colors".  Piper's skirt is made using the free Lazy Days skirt pattern found over at Oliver + S.  This is probably one of the easiest things I have ever whipped up for Piper.  I think the entire project took me less than 45 minutes.  The fabric is from Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar line of fabric (abstract dots).  The bottom of the skirt is finished with some purple satin ribbon that I got last winter at the Offray Ribbon Outlet.  Piper's favorite color is purple!  The skirt had a nice spin factor according to the two year old spinning expert. :)

Sadly, this weeks post has to be short and sweet.  It is crunch time to finish the Halloween costumes that are needed for a party on Friday evening.  This skirt didn't even make it on to the mannequin for close up photos because Piper's costume is currently there with pins marking the button holes that need to be finished.  I have been promising Halloween previews for a few weeks now.  I promise next week will be filled with the details of what the kiddos will be and what it took to make their costumes.  Speaking of which, I read in the news yesterday that $10,000 worth of children's Halloween costumes imported from a manufacturer in China had been seized because they contained extraordinary amounts of lead.  I'm not sure children's clothing should contain any lead, particularly extra lead! I'm adding that to the list of why I make costumes and things for my children. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Library Wednesday!

It's Wednesday and it's library day.  This week's theme is:

Woodland animals!  I made this skirt over the summer and blogged about it here.  It really is a quick skirt to put together and fun to wear.  Piper spent most of the morning spinning in circles to watch the skirt flare out a bit.

Piper modeled her skirt on the library steps...

...and then a little more when we got home (she was on the move so it's a little blurry).

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Decorating

Now that October is here, it's time to start talking Halloween.  Piper is starting to "understand" holidays and she is making the holiday seasons very fun.  This past weekend we got out the Halloween decorations.  We spent the morning placing pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls all around the house.  Piper was quite the helper when it came to putting the decorations out.  I love her sense of style.

For example, I found several of these little Jack Skellington candles in various locations around the house:.

There was one on my computer keyboard.

One on DH's lappy.

This one is is on my printer.

Here is one under the television.

This one is on the stove cook top (I think he might get moved).

In addition to the Jack Skellington heads, she put some festive touches elsewhere in the house too.

The stairs:

Her chair:

A window display:

As you can see we are ready for Halloween.  What about you, do you have your decorations up yet?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I am a Princess

A little while ago, I wrote this post on Raising Strong Girls.  Since the day Piper was born, I have feared her becoming a "princess."  I want her to be strong and independent.  I didn't want her to fall into that trap of the princess waiting for someone to rescue her.

This summer I was thrilled to take Piper to see her first movie.  We took her to see Brave.

I loved the idea of a movie about a girl that takes her life into her own hands.  We still watch the trailers on YouTube from time to time.  I will of course buy the DVD when it is released.  I don't mind Piper looking to Merida as an inspiration.  Merida is strong and independent, a great role model.

So, this past week while watching an afternoon cartoon on Disney channel with Piper I saw this.

My princess fearing heart melted a little.  Disney, did a wonderful thing by putting this video out there.  Disney made it okay to be a princess, a strong princess.  Well done Disney.  :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Every Day is a Gift

One year ago today I was taught a very important lesson, "every day is a gift."

I went to the doctor thinking I would walk away with some Advil and directions to rest my leg.  I thought I had pulled a muscle.  Several whirlwind hours later, I was sitting in the ER waiting to be admitted to the hospital with 2 blood clots in my left leg.  That day will stick in my mind forever.  What stands out most is every medical person I came in contact with from the moment the blood clots were seen on the ultrasound screen said this, "you are lucky to be alive."  I had ignored the signs and symptoms for almost 2 weeks.  I was lucky to be alive.

So, with the anniversary of that day looming I started to think about the past year and all the things I might not have been here for.  At first the list started with things like:

- Piper's 2nd birthday

- Zachary's 13th birthday

- another Christmas

- Our 13th wedding anniversary

- another Thanksgiving

- Zachary's first day of school

- Buying our first house

- Taking Piper to see her first movie

- Zachary's MESA team winning the county title and going to states

Then I started thinking about the smaller things I would not have been here for.

- bath time with Piper

- eating s'mores

- holding a sick toddler while she sleeps

- playing games with Zachary

 - building with Lego's

- smelling fresh laundry

- looking for sharks teeth

- baking (and licking the beaters)

- reading Good Night Moon for the 1,000th time

- snuggling under a blanket on a cold Saturday morning to watch a soccer game

Trust me, the list could go on and on. In thinking about all these moments I got to live, I realized that each day this past year was a gift full of memories and moments that I might not have gotten to be a part of.  Not a single one of us knows what the future holds for us.  We can be here one day and gone the next.  The only thing we can do, is live our lives to the fullest and enjoy each moment.  I'm lucky, I know that now.  I don't know if I have another year, or 10 or 50.  What I do know is that I will do my best to savor each moment I do have, you should too!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Library Wednesday

It's Wednesday, so that must mean it's time for Story Time at the library.  This week's theme was Fall.  I already had the perfect dress for this week, so I didn't need to whip anything up.

You can read about the making of the candy corn dress here, so I won't bore you with those details all over again.  I'll just show you how cute Piper looked in it.

We had some errands to run before and after library today and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people that commented on how cute the dress was.  I was excited to make it but after I was finished, I was afraid it looked a little to "costumey".  It was nice to hear such positive words from people.  Piper will certainly be wearing this a few more times this fall. :)