Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Toddler Photography

Have you ever given your child your camera?  Piper takes mine all the time.  If she doesn't use my actual camera she happily shoots away with my iPhone.  Sometimes the photos make me giggle.  Like these:

Zoe's paw

Piper's Foot
(hmmm, maybe she's working on a theme)

The kitchen table from her view

Another Piper foot

Partial picture of her brother

You know, maybe in an odd way this is what life from the vantage point of a 3 foot tall 2 year old looks like.  No matter what it is, I always smile when I take a look at the photos Piper has taken for me. I don't have the heart to delete any of them.  Maybe someday I will make her a scrap book full of her work. If I do, there will easily be a book dedicated entirely to pictures of Piper's feet, it is her favorite subject. :)

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