Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pattern Progress

So, I've done a lot of talking up to this point but there hasn't been a whole lot of action.  I imagine if I'm going to have something for Piper to wear by the time fall rolls around I ought to get to work.  So, I have finally started to cut out some patterns.  My original plan has already completely changed.  Instead of updating the plan I will just surprise you as we go.  Who knows what I may end up with.  I have several digital patterns that I will be using.  I really like the digital patterns because I can print them over and over so instead of drafting the size I need from the original tissue pattern onto another substrate (I use freezer paper), I can just cut out the size I need.  If I need a larger size pattern the next time I sew that item, I just print another and cut the appropriate size again.  This has been saving me a ton of time.  One of my least favorite parts of sewing is pattern prep.  Now, there is one important thing to consider when working with digital patterns (other than print size being correct), make sure to check that a budding artist has not put one of her artworks into your printer.  See the example below.

Piper is a wonderful helper on this project.  While I was cutting patterns, she too wanted to help.

I guess it's a good thing that was an extra piece, she's still working on her accuracy. :)

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