Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gymboree Look-A-Like

Over the weekend we were out running errands.  I had a $10 coupon for Gymboree that was about to expire so I popped in real quick to see what I could pick up off of the sale rack.  Imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw these cute shorts for the 4th of July on the rack:

I was surprised because I had made these knickers for Piper for Memorial Day:

Of course not identical, but close enough that I got a chuckle out of it.  So, this either means I am a forward thinker in children's fashions or someone from Gymboree saw my cute knickers and decided to take them main stream. ;) Gymboree if you need some more ideas feel free to e-mail me. :)

Also, you may notice the shorts are not hanging on a hangar on the back of my basement door like my other photos.  I have a "model" now.  For my birthday DH got me a child sized dress form.  I love it!  It is perfect for all those times I need to see how something "fits" but am hesitant to put on Piper because it is still pinned together and I fear sticking her.  You will get a better look at the dress form in other pictures I am sure.

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