Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Favorites

I thought it might be interesting to see which tools on my sewing table I consider my favorites.  We all have things that we prefer to use over others and for a variety of reasons.  On Friday's I will introduce you to my favorites.

The first thing I would like to introduce to you from my sewing table is a hemostat.  I stole borrowed these from my DH's work bench (he's a gadget guru) but I don't think he's getting them back.

Hemostats are traditionally used during surgical procedures to clamp blood vessels.  Gadget guru's use them as a heat-sink  for soldering circuits among other things I don't always understand.  I use them for turning tubes of fabric.  Hemostats are long and thin, so they are perfect for sliding a tube of fabric over.  The ends are rigid for gripping so they hold well to a piece of fabric without damaging it.

I have also used the hemostat in helping me to thread my serger.  I seem to have much more control with the hemostat than I do with with clunky pair of tweezers that came with the machine.

Hemostats come in different lengths and can be ordered from places like Amazon for just a couple dollars. I highly recommend having a pair handy.

What do you have on your work table that is a favorite?

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