Friday, November 2, 2012

Post Halloween Post

We are starting to come down off of the sugar high in our house, so I can finally sit down for a minute or two and write something down.

I love Halloween almost as much as I love Christmas.  Despite moving around the world every few years, we have tried to keep our holiday traditions.  We like to add to those traditions if the area we are in allows a new or fun way to celebrate things.  For example, several years ago we found a local pumpkin patch that we have been going to every year now.

This was the first year we went to the pumpkin patch:

This year at the pumpkin patch:

Another tradition that started years ago while living in northern Japan was that I made Zachary's (and now Piper's too) costumes.  It's a lot of work, I will admit it, but it's so worth it.  I dislike store bought costumes very much.  For the same expense I can buy some fabric and put a little love into what the kiddos wear on Halloween night.  I did talk about Piper's costume already so why not just show of some really cute photo's from Halloween night!

I also made Zachary's costume.  The pants are Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants with out the cargo pocket.  I made him a size 8 that I lengthened.  We wanted a slimmer fit so they were more like riding pants.  I used a black twill that was nice to work with and very soft.  All of the seams were done as french seams and top stitched twice.  Sadly, because they are black, they just don't photograph well to show the detail.  I am working on a pair for Piper in a pink organic cotton twill, hopefully they will photograph better.  I self drafted his vest.  It's the first time I have tackled such a thing.  A vest was easy enough and I had one to look at as a model.  I only had one little snafu that came when I need to turn the vest right side out.  I had some how created a mobius strip, that turned into a comedic act as DH watched me struggle with trying to turn the vest.  Finally he stepped in and showed me which seam to pull out to make it work.  Zachary's shirt is on loan from a friend.  

We had a wonderful Halloween.  Piper really appreciated the entire month of October and was so excited about all of it.  She makes me excited for Christmas this year!  Next up, Thanksgiving.  Maybe I will share some of the Sims family secret recipes this year. :)

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