Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Library Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, so that must mean we went to story time and we did.  This week's theme was Families.  Piper was a lucky girl this week and got to bring her Daddy to the library.  It was like having a living, breathing show and tell.  She wore the music box jumper I made for her over the summer.  Sorry, no good pictures of her wearing it.

As always, after library we went to Starbucks.  Piper enjoyed a cookie!

When we got home, we decided to take a walk and enjoy the last of the colorful leaves on the trees.  We collected a few with the intention of making a craft project with them.  So far, Piper just enjoys looking at all the pretty leaves.  I guess that's good too. :)

On the way back to our house, Piper likes to stop to read the "STOP" sign.  She knows the "p", the "o" and the "snake" letters. :)

Have you gotten out to enjoy the fall leaves yet?  This really is such a beautiful time of year.

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