Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oliver + S Croquet (Sailor) Dress

After 20 years of dedicated service to the U.S. Navy, DH is retiring.  The past few months have been full of anxiety and excitement.  In 14 years together,  we've moved 5 times and have lived on 3 different continents.  We have been apart for every holiday (except Christmas), 5 (I think, at least I stopped counting at 5) anniversaries and any other number of special occasions and events.  Zachary has attended 6 different schools including pre-schools.  All of it has been an adventure that I never would have believed possible.  On Friday, DH will mark his retirement with a luncheon.  He has opted not to do the big formal retirement ceremony, though I think he deserves it.  Big ceremony or small luncheon, either way a new, special dress was in order.

I did have to modify the dress a bit.  The pattern is for a short sleeve dress but with it being November I wanted to add long sleeves.  I did a Croquet Dress / 2+2 Blouse hybrid for the sleeves.  Using the cap of the Croquet Dress I then laid over the 2+2 Blouse sleeve pattern and drafted a hybrid using the length of the 2+2.

The dress is a 2T width and 3T length.  I used Kona cottons in Navy and Snow and embellished the collar, sleeves and skirt with white 1/4" grosgrain ribbon.  I struggled with how much embellishing to do.  I wanted a sailor "inspired" dress but didn't want it to cross the line into costumey.  The collar pieces from the croquet dress really give this little dress the perfect "nautical" feel.

Of course, my favorite part of this dress is the button I used on the back.  I took one of the buttons off of DH's dress white uniform.  

I am so happy with this little dress and how it turned out.  Piper will never remember the brief time that she was a "Navy brat."  Zachary will have to tell her stories about living overseas and moving, and boy does he have some good ones.

With this being Veteran's Day weekend and personally knowing the sacrifices that service members and their families make, make sure you show your appreciation for all they give and do.  If you are looking for ways to say thank you, check out this page from MilitaryAvenue.