Thursday, November 8, 2012

Library Wednesday, wait it's Thursday

I did not forget that yesterday was Wednesday, nor did Piper and I forget to go to library followed by our weekly trip to Starbucks.  We went, we read, we colored, we had fun.  Yesterday's library theme was sports.  After spending several weeks, working very hard on Halloween costumes I needed a sewing break and this was the perfect week for it.  Piper wore an adorable pink Adidas track suit and brought her soccer ball with her to library.  I should have taken a picture but I wasn't thinking too clearly yesterday.  Between the time change and Piper's discovery that she can get out of her bed by herself (even though she's been in a big girl bed for months) we had a very long night with very little sleep the previous night.

I am back at the sewing machine and working on a darling dress I can't wait to show you!  Next week marks a very significant moment in our family history and I thought it needed a special dress the mark the occasion.  As soon as it's done, I will talk all about it.

The library theme for next week is families, a very fitting topic for the month of November.  Family is certainly something we should be grateful to have.  I know mine drive me up a wall at times, but I wouldn't change any of that for anything.  I'm sort of stuck on what to make, bring, do for library next week to represent family.  Suggestions?

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