Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oliver + S Music Box Jumper

I am a sewing fool this week.  I knew I would get a lot done w/ DH home.  I recently finished this adorable Oliver + S Music Box Jumper (view B).

It's done in a green corduroy.  I love the color of the corduroy.  I don't think it's photographing well because it's a beautiful color.  I may have to get DH to break out his fancy camera.  This was a quick project to bring together.  The skirt can be done with either the box pleat like I did or several pleats the entire way around.  The little flap pockets have a secret:

I hope Piper isn't too disappointed when she discovers these are just pocket flaps and not actual pockets.  

The bodice is lined and it too has a secret:

I considered lining the entire dress but it is corduroy so it will be warm enough as it is.  I can't wait to see Piper wearing this with a turtle neck and tights underneath.  Of course, she already wants to wear it.  Try convincing a 2 year old that corduroy isn't the best fabric for 100 degree weather.  Since I have the pattern pieces sitting on my sewing table still, I may have to whip another up for her to wear now.

I tried to think of some tips/tricks/hints that would help to bring this one together easier but really can't come up with anything.  The directions are pretty clear.  This would be a great project for a beginner sew-er as it yields beautiful results with just a little effort.

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