Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Library Wednesday!

It seems like this is the only post I am managing to write lately.  Things have just been busy.  I'm sort of looking forward to winter when things slow down a little instead of feeling like I am in constant need of a nap.

So, it's Wednesday and that means it's Library Story Time!  I had so many plans for what Piper would wear to story time this week but time only allowed for this:

This week's theme was fruits and veggies.  The blouse is done in Riley Blake's Apple of My Eye fabric.  The red is some leftovers I had in my stash. Teal and red is one of my favorite color combo's I just don't work with it that often.  This is the second time I have made this blouse, the first one is here.  The first one came together so quickly, I was sure the second one would be even quicker.  I was wrong.  I don't know what the problem was but I just couldn't get it together.  Somewhere around 10:30 last evening I finished it enough to be wearable for today but I want to fix a few things for future wear.  For starters, I noticed at the library that there were still basting stitches and dress marks on the blouse.  Those will have to be removed.  I made the blouse in a 2T but added an inch in length because I was hoping to get some extra wear out of it.  I think it's probably just the right length now so I want to remove the hem and either finish it with a narrow hem or use bias binding on the bottom.  My intention with the sleeves was to put elastic in them for a cute finish, I didn't get that done either so I will fix that too.

So, in addition to all of that I had started to make a pair of pink twill cargo pants to be worn with the shirt.  The weather was calling for a high of 80 degrees today, so I hated to have Piper wear twill pants and a long sleeve shirt on such a nice day (I already made her do once it for ocean week).  So, I wasn't in a rush to get the pants finished.  They still need a hem and the waistband finished, but they are adorable and I hope to finish them ASAP.  I thought she could wear the hopscotch skirt I made in July, but it needed buttons.  It still needs buttons, I didn't finish it for today.  I should probably finish that ASAP as well or she'll grow out of it before too long.  In the end, I paired this top with a red corduroy skirt I had gotten at the end of last winter from Gymboree for $9.

She can be such a goof when you ask for a smile! :)

Tomorrow we will start talking Halloween costumes.  

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