Saturday, October 6, 2012

I am a Princess

A little while ago, I wrote this post on Raising Strong Girls.  Since the day Piper was born, I have feared her becoming a "princess."  I want her to be strong and independent.  I didn't want her to fall into that trap of the princess waiting for someone to rescue her.

This summer I was thrilled to take Piper to see her first movie.  We took her to see Brave.

I loved the idea of a movie about a girl that takes her life into her own hands.  We still watch the trailers on YouTube from time to time.  I will of course buy the DVD when it is released.  I don't mind Piper looking to Merida as an inspiration.  Merida is strong and independent, a great role model.

So, this past week while watching an afternoon cartoon on Disney channel with Piper I saw this.

My princess fearing heart melted a little.  Disney, did a wonderful thing by putting this video out there.  Disney made it okay to be a princess, a strong princess.  Well done Disney.  :)

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  1. brava! excellent post and excellent "I'm a princess" video. Though I still don't like the princess thing anymore then you sigh.