Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oliver + S Ice Cream (Candy Corn) Dress

What do you do on a wet Sunday?  We were going to go to a neighborhood BBQ but it got cancelled.  So, since we had no other plans I tackled a project that had been on my mind for some time.

I bought this pattern a few months ago.  At first I wasn't sure what direction to head with it, then it struck me, a candy corn dress. I remember seeing different versions of candy corn dress online last fall. I probably pinned a few to Pinterest.

Last Sunday, DH and I were talking about making this dress.  He was looking at fabrics online with me and helping me work through the design process.  Then, Sunday evening I popped onto the Oliver + S forums to see what was new and some one had asked a question about doing just the thing DH and I had been discussing that morning.  It was fun to "discuss" design ideas and fabric selections with other women that have the same interests as me (our kiddos and sewing for them).  I was going to wait a bit to make the dress.  It might seem a little odd to wear a candy corn dress in August.  But, after all the talk about the project I held out as long as I could.

I wasn't sure what fabrics I wanted to use.  I had considered using Kona Cotton, but was afraid it would be too "much" for Piper.  I didn't want her to be swallowed by the colors of the dress.  After some discussion online about it, I decided a trip to the fabric store was necessary.  I recently found a new store I wanted to check out so Piper and I hopped in the car on Tuesday and headed to the Material Girls Quilt Boutique.  I could have spent all day in there, what a great shop and even better was the customer service.  After talking to Wendy at the store I decided to go with a subtle print.  The idea of candy corn is still very visible but I think it takes some of the harshness out of it.

Top stitching the yoke wasn't necessary but I think it adds to the dress.

I was nervous about doing such a high contrast top stitch.  Every mistake can easily be seen.  I know there are a few, but Piper is a girl on the move so they won't easily be detected when she's wearing the dress.

On the back I added a yellow button.  I considered doing a fabric covered button, but like this one too.

I also did contrast stitching between the yellow and orange layer.  It's kind of hard to see, so here is a close up.

Another great Oliver+S pattern.  I was able to put it together in an afternoon.  I already have ideas for other dresses using this pattern.  It's a great way to show of some favorite fabrics or fabrics with things your kiddo loves (dinosaurs, horses, etc.)  Sometimes those "juvenile" print fabrics don't work well on garments, but I think this dress lends itself to them.

The side seams are the only exposed seams on the inside of the dress.  So, it has a really nice finish from the inside and out.  I considered lining the middle tier so the entire dress would be lined and there would be no exposed seams but I wasn't that ambitious.

Can't wait for "official" fall to arrive so Piper can wear her candy corn dress!


  1. This is absolutely adorable!!!! I'd love to know the name of the orange and yellow fabric, if you don't mind. I *love* your candy corn dress! I pinned a candy corn dress last year too. I really love your version!! Would love to make one for my DGD!

  2. Thank you for the nice compliment. The fabric is called Spin Swirl by Windham Fabrics (

    1. Thank you so much! On my way to check it out!