Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oliver + S Hopscotch Skirt

I finished this skirt yesterday:

Now, I know what you are going to say.  Again, it's not finished because there are no buttons.  This time it's not a chance that I would have Piper wear a corduroy in 100 degree weather in July, but more an issue that I haven't found the perfect buttons.  I would really like some wooden buttons, I just can't find ones that I like.

The skirt came together really quickly.  It has a flat front and an elastic back waist.  The pockets have this adorable chinese take-out box look to them.  

My first attempt at the pockets failed.  I made an extra fold and they just didn't work.  For a brief moment I considered abandoning the pockets, the skirt would be cute without them too (I think).  Piper does love her pockets, much easier for carrying Lego men and rocks.  So, I took a moment, reread the instructions carefully and now I have some cute pockets for toys and crayons to fit into.

Since we are on the topic of skirts.  Liz and Elizabeth, they dynamic duo that is Simple Simon and Company  are spear heading a wonderful way for all of us to put our talent to good use.  For the month of July on their blog and the Project Run and Play blog they will be hosting a plethora of craft bloggers with skirt tutorials for their Skirting the Issue campaign.  The Skirting the Issue campaign is an innovative to make skirts for girls in foster care.  I think this is a wonderful idea and plan to get involved.  Those of us that craft and blog about it tend to have wonderful little people in our lives that we love dearly and we make our creations for them.  This is our opportunity to make these girls feel like there are people out there that care about them too.  You never know what kind of an impact a simple thing like a hand made skirt can have on a child.  Skirts can be donated to your local foster care or sent to Liz and Elizabeth and they will donate them.  Join me in making a skirt (or 2 or 10) for a child less fortunate won't you?

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