Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spy Cam

Over the weekend, Piper graduated to a big girl bed.  It was time.  We had caught glimpses of her on the monitor hoisting her leg up over the top of her crib in attempts to escape.  So, we finally gave in to the fact that she is no longer a baby and is in fact a big girl.  This was the scene on Saturday after we removed the sides of her bed.

She was thrilled with her big girl bed and the freedom that came with it.  She has been testing the waters and seeing just how much freedom she has.  Thanks to the spy cam we are able to catch glimpses of her doing things like this:

Trying on a pair of bunny ears.

Singing while wearing bunny ears.

Looking for hidden goodies under her bed.

Going for a little stroll.

Yay for the spy cam so I can watch these little moments.  Each day she gets a little better with her bed.  She still hasn't discovered that when she wakes up she can just get up and come down stairs.  I guess for now it's nice that she calls for me, it means she still needs her Mommy.  :)

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