Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew Bear Carrier

Piper has had a "thing" recently for babies.  She has a few small ones that she carries around and one larger one.  She likes to push them in her grocery cart or wrap them all in a blanket to carry them.  So, yesterday it dawned on me that she needed an easy, hands free way to carry her babies (particularly the larger one) and I had the perfect solution.

I've had the Little Things to Sew book for a while.  I have looked through it often, thinking of all the things I wanted to make.  I just haven't taken the time to do it.  There are really a lot of cute projects in this book and I plan to make more.

Yesterday while Piper was walking around the house trying to carry her plethora of dolls and stuffies it dawned on me, I needed to make the bear carrier for her.  So, after dinner we all migrated down stairs.  I started to cut out the pieces for the carrier while Piper helped DH and Zachary take a computer apart (a frequent occurrence in our house). 

I love our space in the basement.  We all end up there together, working on projects and enjoying each others company.

So, after the kiddos went to bed I went to work.  It took me about 2 hours start to finish.  I had promised Piper I would have a surprise for her in the morning.  One thing I have learned in life is if you promise a toddler something, you better come through.  So, I did.

It wasn't a hard project to make.  There are a lot of curves to sew and those aren't my favorite things to sew, straight lines are easier (obviously). On curves I always mark out my seam line and go slow, sometimes using the hand wheel, so I can get the curve sewn as neatly as possible.

The big reveal this morning was less than impressive.  Piper refuses to wear the carrier.  I thought she would be thrilled, but she's 2.  I did leave the straps about 6 inches too long so she has room to grow into it.  Maybe someday she'll come around to it. :-/

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