Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Favorite

Buttons! I love buttons.  Choosing the right button can really make the difference between an okay garment and a great garment.  Recently my Mom was at an estate auction and picked up some fabric and notions for me.  She got some really fun stuff, that I will show you as I unpack it.  One of the first things I came to on the top of the bin was this really cute tin. And, when I opened it, I discovered it was full of buttons.

There were buttons of every size, shape and color inside.  Some of them were still on the card but some of them were strung together like this:

I love that the previous sew-er took the time to match up like buttons and string them together.  Really, it's a great idea and definite time saver.  My current method of randomly searching through my jar of buttons may be replaced.  What a fun project it would be to have Piper help me match like buttons.

There were so many great buttons in the tin, I took pictures of some of my favorites.

Like these adorable blue gingham ones (still in a bag marked $0.25):

Or these pretty purple glass buttons:

These funky square buttons are fun, aren't they?

(these were stashed in an old bank envelope <3)

I love these green ones:

I can't wait to find the perfect project for these teal buttons:

I could continue to show you a lot more fun buttons but I will resist.  My point is this.  Buttons are fun. Buttons are a great way to add some interest to a garment.  I <3 buttons!

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