Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Library Wednesday

It's Library Wednesday!  Yay!  See if you can guess this week's theme:

This week's theme is Transportation.  I think we've represented the theme very well with this dress, in Riley Blake Scoot Toys (Green and Dots).  I had planned to take some nice pictures outside so the colors were more true but sadly it's raining.  The dress really is not such a bright green.

This is my second time making the O+S Tea Party Dress (this was my first: Tea Party Dress).  I like the shape of this dress.  The tulip skirt sort of looks like a skirt that is spinning and what little girl doesn't like a dress that spins?

I added rid-rac between the top and the bodice.

This was my second attempt at adding the ric-rac.  The first time it was sticking too far out.  The second time it's not far enough.  But, I wasn't interested in unpicking the entire thing and trying for a third attempt so I just accepted it.

I used a blue pin dot cotton from my stash to line the bodice and for the hem band.

The directions for the dress call for doing a blind stitch by hand to attach the hem band.  I dislike hand stitching and avoid it as much as possible.  Call it a lazy thing.  So, I took the idea from the Family Reunion dress and did several rows stitching around the hem band.  I like the way it turned out.

For the buttons, I found these cool retro buttons in my favorite button box.  If you don't know about my button box, read about it here:  Buttons!

I'm very pleased with the finished product.  But, I think my favorite part is the unconventional fabric for  a girl.  Piper isn't just in to pink and dolls.  She loves trucks and dinosaurs and bugs, too.  We are doing our best to raise her to be a well rounded "person".  She is thrilled to have a dress with trucks and trains on it.  I can't wait to see how cute she looks wearing it!

Check back next week to see what the library theme is and what Piper will be wearing!

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