Monday, September 17, 2012

Book Love: Pete the Cat

In addition to my love of sewing and my family (and chocolate), I LOVE books.  Bookstores and libraries are happy almost euphoric places for me.  In my last job, before moving for the um-teenth time, I was an elementary school librarian.  You know how people say, "find what you love to do and do it", this job was that.  I was happy.  I loved my kids and I loved sharing books with them.  I also really loved the budget to be able to buy many books all at one time.  When my books would come in at the end of the year, it was Christmas for me.  I would sit and look through each one carefully.  Someday, I will be a librarian again.  In the meantime, I love finding books for my kids to read and enjoy.  I figure what better place to give some love to a favorite author or book than right here.

My first shout out goes to:

I happened up Pete sort of by accident and I'm glad I did.  Pete is a blue cat that finds himself in situations that might not make a person (or cat) happy.  His buttons pop off his shirt, his new shoes get dirty, he goes to school.  To quote the book, "Does Pete cry?  Goodness no."  Pete makes the best out of any situation.  He always has a song to sing too.

Piper (and all of us) love these books.  We sing Pete's little ditty's together while reading the book, and sometimes while not reading the book.  When we ask "Does Pete cry?"  Piper answers, "Goodness no."  If a book can get a child engaged in the story and participating with it, that's a good book.

I give Pete the Cat (and all his books) 2 thumbs up!  To quote Pete, "Because, it's all good!"

To learn more about Pete the Cat, visit his web-site: PeteTheCat

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