Friday, April 5, 2013

Zachary's Sewing School

A couple weeks ago, I was working on some sewing and the kiddos were hanging out with me.  Piper decided she wanted a skirt for her bear.  Zachary has been asking me to teach him to sew for a while now, so I thought this might be the perfect opportunity.  I handed him some fabric, a measuring tape and some scissors and put him to work.  He did a fantastic job making a tiny skirt for Piper's bear.

A couple days after this school was closed due to Mother Natures last attempt at winter weather.  

After all the fun outside was had:

While Piper was down for a nap, Zachary decided he wanted to sew a skirt for her.  He used the Oliver + S Lazy Days skirt and some purple (her favorite) polka dot fabric from my stash to make her a perfectly adorable skirt.

She was thrilled with the results, we had to put it on right away.  Too bad she looks like such a rag-a-muffin in all the pictures I took of her wearing it.  She has worn it a few times since, you would think I would have snapped a better shot, but alas I have not.

Zachary's next plans are for a pair of PJ pants for himself.  He's already picked out some really nice blue, plaid flannel I have in my stash.  I love that he is interested in something I do.  It's nice that he and his Dad are able to bond a lot over gadgets, video games and other technology related things but sometimes I feel left out.  Now, I get to be a part of things he likes to do too. :)

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