Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesdays and Things

Today was library, we went to library but we didn't stay long.  It was one of those days when I should have known very early on and listened to the universe and stayed home.  For starters, I found my sunglasses in my car to look like this when I got in the car this morning:

They weren't like that when I got out of the car yesterday.  Of course, no one in my house knows what happened.  When we got to library I realized I had left the house with my shirt on backwards.  It wasn't until Piper threw a fit and tried to bite me that I got what the universe was trying to tell me and went home.  So, it was one of "those" days.  Fortunately, it didn't last all day long because we had a tree service out to remove a dead tree in our yard that was very close to the house.  I did consider calling to cancel, just in case the universe had more in store for me.

The tree removal was fun to watch and entertained Piper.  I'm glad the tree is gone, it was very dead and was only a matter of time before it fell, I worried so much when the kiddos were in the front yard.  Check it out, TIMBER!

After the tree was gone, Piper wanted to stand on the "stunk" so I was able to get a picture of her in her library outfit.

I quickly put together this Oliver + S Lazy Days skirt yesterday during nap time.  The theme this week was Hugs and Kisses.  The fabric is Dear Stella Red Lips and was very appropriate for the theme for today.  

Instead of doing a ribbon hem as suggested in the Lazy Days pattern, I did a standard narrow hem to finish it but added a ribbon and bow detail onto the skirt.  I also added a ribbon and bow to her Piper's t-shirt to match the skirt.

So we didn't have the best day today but that happens, life has it's ups and downs.  After a little nap and snack, Piper was back to her silly self.  And because she was happy, so was I! :)

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