Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You are Beautiful

Have you seen the Dove video's circulating around the internet yet?  If not, here, I'll help you out.

I have watched this video over and over.  As the mother of a little girl, it has had a profound effect on me.  I do my best to make her feel loved and strong but I forget that the way I view myself will have a large impact on how she views herself someday.  Women are hard on themselves for everything from how clean our house is to how much we weigh and every facet of life in between.  I want to break that cycle for my daughter.  In recent years I have tried in earnest to focus less on things like my weight and the way a certain piece of clothing makes me look.  I try to be thoughtful when talking about myself and not use too many negatives.  I also try to focus on the positive when talking to her not just in her looks but her strength, her character and her mind.  I want Piper to grow up knowing, believing, and owning her beauty, not focusing on her flaws.  I have to remember it starts with me.  But, it's not just me, she will learn from every woman she comes in contact with growing up.  Our daughters need to see us focusing on what is good and not what is wrong.  We are all beautiful regardless of size, regardless of wrinkles, regardless of flaws.  In fact sometimes it's those wrinkles and flaws that add to our beauty.  Nearly 2 years ago, I had abdominal surgery and was left with quite a scar down my belly.  I own that scar because of the what it means.  Life before the surgery was difficult, each day was a challenge.  My scar reminds me of that battle and it reminds me that I am still here, stronger than ever.  I need to look at myself and see those laugh lines and tired eyes as reminders of what I have endured and I am still here. 

The next time you look in the mirror, try to see what we all see, how beautiful you are.  I know I will.

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