Sunday, July 15, 2012

Skirting the Issue

I like Sunday's.  On Sunday's after breakfast we all seem to migrate downstairs, the kids to the play-room, DH to his workbench and I to my sewing machine.  The kids will come in and out of "The Lair" (the name affectionately given to the workspace DH and I share), we will visit them in the playroom.  Sunday's are a good time to get some serious work done on things on my project list.  Today I used my Sunday morning to make some skirts for the "Skirting the Issue" campaign being sponsored by Liz and Elizabeth of Simple Simon and Co.  They are asking for hand made skirts to be donated to girls in foster care.

My original plan was to make 6 skirts, but you try explaining to a 2 year old that a little girl needs a turtle skirt or lady bug skirt more than she does.  So, I am donating 4 skirts.  I didn't use a pattern.  Making a simple skirt isn't really rocket science so I just sort of winged it.  If you need a pattern or tutorial you can find a good one here, here or here.

I enjoyed making these skirts.  I don't usually like to make a pattern more than once, let a lone 6 times.  I did a sort of assembly line and everything came together pretty quickly.  I utilized my serger a good deal.  It's wonderful for finishing seams.

I was able to create 6 skirts (3 of each design) with 3 yards of fabric and 3 yards of no-roll elastic.  For the main part of the skirt I used the width of the fabric and a length of 12 inches.  For the contrast hem, I used the width of the fabric and a length of 4 inches.  The skirts are a 2T/3T size.  I used Piper's measurements as my guide.  I wrapped each of the skirts to donate in pretty pink tissue and wrapped a pink bow around each one.  I know what the smile on Piper's face looked like when I showed the skirts to her.  I just hope that these simple skirts can bring a smile to another child's face as well.  I encourage anyone with a little sewing skill to get involved with this project.  They are hoping to have 100 skirts donated to foster care by August 10.  So, get sewing!

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