Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Favorites

Today's favorites is one of my more recent acquisitions but I instantly fell in love.  I'm talking about an edge stitching foot (sometimes called a joining foot, top stitch foot, etc).

I used to abhor top stitching on a garment.  I would avoid it or skip it all together when I could.  The reason being I could never get it to look nice.  I was using my regular presser foot and eye balling it.  The results were very wonky and frustrating.  I would see pictures of garments online with this gorgeous, straight edge stitching and could not for the life of me figure out how they did it.  I tried everything.  I went slow, I went fast, I tried different thread, different needles, nothing worked.  Then one day I read about the sewing machine foot that changed my life.  I instantly ordered one from Amazon and have been a top/edge stitching fool ever since.

Edge stitching feet have a guide on them that allow you to butt the fabric right up against.  By using the guide, you end up with beautiful, even stitches. By using an edge stitching foot, I now get results like these.

My other "favorite" for today is this a recent article from the NYTimes (click here to read). This article discusses how sewing is making a come back.  People aren't sewing anymore out of necessity but rather to express their individualism.  I was so happy to read an article that puts sewing in the spot light and not just as a hobby for Moms to alter and mend the family clothing but as something that allows people to make personal statements. Yay for sewing!

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