Monday, February 25, 2013

PJ Party

In addition to going to story time each wee, Piper and I go to a Music Together class each Monday. We've been going to to music since just after Piper's first birthday. Each semester Miss Katie holds a pajama party during class. What's better than singing and dancing in your PJ's?

Of course such an occasion needed a new pair of special PJ's:

Aren't they fun?  The PJ's included some of Piper's favorite things, fairies.  The fabric is a flannel with Tinkerbell fairies on it.  I started out just making the pants and had a blue long sleeved t-shirt that matched the piping that I added a Tinkerbell appliqué to.  Piper's critique was that I needed to make the top, so I did.

I added some cute blue piping to the contrast on the cuffs and yoke/placket on the top.  At first I wasn't going to add piping, then I was going to add white piping but I was afraid that wouldn't show up against the light blue of the main fabric so I ended up with the blue piping.  I like the blue, it's a nice pop of color.

I enjoyed making these PJ's, they were quick to come together.  What I most like is how soft the flannel is.  I have always disliked american PJ's because they are either scratchy polyester or so tight that you can barely wiggle your little ones chubby arms and legs into them.  I will definitely be making more of these, based on comfort factor alone.

Here we are at music class:

I tried to get Piper to model them while she was "sleeping", she's not the most convincing model :)

Her jammies sure do look comfy though, don't they?


  1. The pjs look very comfy indeed!

  2. Thank you. I am pretty sure they were as she didn't want to take them off. :)