Saturday, February 16, 2013

Craft Room Confession

Recently I was asked how I keep so organized as to make things for Piper sort of "on demand" so she has a special outfit for a special day.  I wish I could say I was organized and had it all together but like most busy mom's I can't.  In fact, this is what my craft room looks like (sorry Mom):

I share a space in the basement with DH, you'll see his area in the back, neat and orderly.  Frequently I will go down to my work space with the intention of cleaning it up but it's easy to get side tracked.  This week, I finally caved and began working on cleaning it up so I can have more space to work.  I have to put this out there publicly so I stay motivated to finish.

Anyway, back to the original question.  Though this looks terribly unorganized (and it's a little embarrassing to show off, but I know my fellow crafters understand), I do have a system.  Once I have an idea for a project, I pull the fabric from one of the many stacks you see.  I pair the fabric w/ the pattern I intend to use and then it gets added to this stack:

This stack is ever changing and some projects get moved to the bottom but it's a little way to try to keep my creative ADD in check.  What you see on the stack above is two Badminton dresses, a pair of Sleep Over PJ's, two Ice Cream Dresses, a Birthday Party dress, a Lazy Days skirt, a Tea Party Sundress, two Fairy Tale dresses, a Tinkerbell blanket and a drawstring bag/playmat (for carrying Brave figurines).  As I finish one project, I go on to the next one in the stack.  At times a piece of fabric from somewhere in my work space will cry out to me and everything else halts until I make something of it.  Under normal circumstances though, this system works for me.

With any luck, in a week or two I will have my space all neat and organized again.  Crafting will happen at a quicker pace and I will have more to talk about here.  In the mean time, I am knee deep folding fabric and trying to have peace with getting rid of some scrap pieces that are just too small to work with.  I have been having fun folding all the fabric.  I had some stashed here there and every where.  Trying to get organized has given me an opportunity to get reacquainted with some fabrics that I had forgotten I had.  No doubt, the stack above is going to get exponentially larger as I work on getting things put back where they belong.

Do you have any good organizational tools, ideas or suggestions that might help me?  What about your work space, does it look like mine or are you organized?  

How's the saying go; "a cluttered desk is a sign of genius"?  If I get too terribly side tracked in my effort to organize, maybe I'll just get a sign that says that to hang in my work space. :)

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