Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Library Wednesday

It's Wednesday and that can only mean one thing.  It's the one day a week lately I take the time to sit down and tell you what's happening in our house.  Let's get to the important stuff first.  Today was library day and today's theme was, of course, Valentine's Day.

My original plan for today's outfit was an Oliver + S Jump Rope dress:

The fabric I was going to use, was Riley Blake's Indian Summer Hearts in Pink:

The whole dress was going to be inspired a dress I saw on Pinterest here.

Somewhere around Thursday afternoon last week it dawned on me that Valentine's Day was only a week away and I hadn't sewed a single stitch on any garment yet.  It also dawned on me that I had a lot to do over the weekend and just didn't have time to sew up a Jump Rope dress.  I had to move on to Plan B as much as it pained me.  I really only had Thursday evening to sew something up and the quickest dress to put together is the Oliver + S Popover Sundress.  So, that's what we ended up with.

I tried to make it a little more Valentine's by adding heart appliqués.

The fabric from the dress came from a dress that was in a stack of UFO's (un-finished objects).  I adore the colorful hearts and had every intention of finishing the other dress.  The only problem is that I started in over a year ago and the likelihood that it still fit was slim.  So, at least I was able to repurpose the cute heart fabric into a project that did fit (and I finished).  

I thought the dress needed just a little something extra, and what better to add some fun to a dress than ric-rac.  I added a little green ric-rac under the front yoke:

(My mannequin is extra chesty and makes the top of the dress pull funny)

I also added a little ric-rac around the hem.

I have never done rid-rac around a hem before.  Here's a little trick that made it work.  Iron the hem (in this case I did a 1" hem), unfold the ironed line and use that as a guide to pin on the ric-rac.  I used a little Dritz Wonder Tape to hold the ric-rac in place instead of pin and it made it a little easier to sew on.  (Wonder Tape is great anytime you want to add embellishments, I use it all the time!)  Sew the ric-rac down the center, then refold the hem and finish.  Easy, peasy, extra-cheesy!

Doesn't Piper look great?

(I admit, the styling of the entire outfit is a little weird but that happens when you are working with a 3 year old!).

The other dress will happen, just not this week.

In other news, this past weekend Zachary performed with the Tri-County Honors Choir.  It was a lovely concert.  I was so proud of him.  I think I smiled through the entire concert.  We didn't take any pictures, because pictures of a choral concert seem a little silly.  We did order a concert DVD so we will be able to enjoy the performances again and again.  ;)

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