Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love is a fabric that never fades...

Love is a big part of my project.  Both my love of Piper and my love of sewing.  I know at the age of 2 she won't understand all that went into each piece of clothing but I hope that when she's wearing them in some way she can feel the love that was put into them.

In selecting the fabric for my project I tried to keep in mind a few things; the season of fall, something fun and kid friendly, things that Piper likes.  Selecting fall "feeling" fabric in May is difficult.  I was drawn to the bright colors for summer and the light fabrics that would make dresses perfect for wearing on a 90 degree day.  I had found a frog print online that I really liked and had already formed a semi-plan in my head before heading to the store.  However, when I arrived that particular fabric was out of stock. Of course I could have waited until it came back in stock or I could have ordered it online but I'm impatient and working against the clock.  DH was with me and after watching me walk several circles around the store presented me with an adorable green cotton printed with woodland animals. Instantly my plan took a left at Albuquerque.  I think the new plan is perfect for fall and for Piper.  She is a lover of all things fuzzy and the colors are perfect for fall.  I had several 40% and 50% off coupons so I was able to save $45 on my first trip to the fabric store.  I still need to get some corduroy and a couple knits but those will have to wait until I have some more coupons.  In the meantime these are the fabrics I came home with.

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