Saturday, June 29, 2013

Class Picnic Nightgown

So, school is out and we are busy enjoying our summer.  Zachary spent the past two weeks taking a Computer Game Programming class at the local community college.  I know he really enjoyed the class and I hoped it has stoked a little flame in him and given him something to consider as a career for the future.  Piper and I have mostly been busy running errands and getting the house ready for a visitor next week.  I can hardly believe July is almost here, summer always goes faster than I'd like it to.

I haven't been sewing too much but I do have a couple of things I wanted to share over the next few days and weeks.  I am also gearing up for sewing a special little girl a preschool wardrobe and accessories.  After our visitor heads back home I will start to tackle that project.  I have so many ideas I just hope I can get it all finished.

Since summer is here in all her heated glory I thought it was time I got this project, which has been in the back of my mind for a while, finished.  Several months ago my girlfriend introduced me to Hancock Fabrics.  I can't believe I had never been to one.  I went with the intention of getting some eyelet and ending up coming home with a bit more.  One of the things I picked up was this sweet pink seersucker that was on the clearance table.  I can't remember what I paid for it, but it wasn't much.  It's so soft and light, perfect for summer.  The problem I had, once I got it home, was that every time I looked at this fabric all I could see was a nightgown.  Any dress I tried to imagine using it with looked like a nightgown in my mind.  So, why fight it?  Piper has really been enjoying wearing nightgowns lately and they are nice for summer.  We do run the A/C but it is still a little warm in the house in the evenings, nightgowns are the perfect thing to wear to bed.

I used the Oliver + S Class Picnic Blouse pattern and altered it a bit.  Coincidentally one of the reasons I had been putting off this particular project was my laziness.  I've become very spoiled by digital patterns (they are so easy to print, tape and use) and almost avoid standard patterns lately.  I only had the standard pattern until a few weeks ago.  Oliver + S has been releasing all of their patterns that were not previously digital in a digital format.  So, I was quite happy when this one was released, now I could get this project off my docket and out of my mind.

I'm so happy with this lovely little nightgown:

In addition to adding some length, I added this cute ruffle to the bottom:

I finished the ruffle with my rolled hem foot.  That was the first time I had used it and what a handy little foot it is.  There is a small learning curve to using the foot but once you've got it figured out, it does make quick work of finishing a hem.  I may have to get a few different sizes.  I was kind of fun to watch it do it's thing too.

At the top of the nightgown I added a little pretty lace where the yoke meets the skirt.  For the sleeves, I folded them according to directions but made a casing by sewing 3/8" from the top of the hem.  By doing this it created a sort of ruffled sleeve.  

I am a little concerned about the width of the dress.  I wish I had added an inch or so to the skirt for a little added fullness but I think it will be okay for Piper.  The length might also be a little long, I was sort of winging it.  I don't always have the most cooperative little one when it comes to measuring.  Running around is much more fun than standing still so Mama can get the proper measurements. :)

The pink seersucker is very sweet.  The colors seem a little off in the photos because I had to take them in less than optimal light since Piper wants to wear her new nightgown to bed this evening.  It's always a good sign when she wants to put something on before the last threads have even been snipped. :)

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  1. It's a lovely nightgown, Jane! My younger girls will choose a nightgown over regular pjs most nights too.;)