Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Library Wednesday and Housekeeping

Today is Wednesday and I will get to that in a minute but first I wanted to tell you about my weekend.  I meant to write this post earlier but I didn't get around to it until now.

This past weekend Zachary performed with the All State Choir.  It was one of those moments where I was sure my heart was going to burst with pride seeing him up there on stage singing.  The beginning of this school year his goal was to audition and be selected for the Tri-County Choir.  He was going to 7 a.m. rehearsals at school to practice and working with his piano teacher (whom also teaches voice lessons) in preparation for the audition.  He was selected for Tri-County and the concert was a couple weeks ago, it was wonderful.  When he audition for All State choir, I did the usual "Mom" speech about how it was an "honor" to be selected to audition.  When he came out of the audition and told me how nervous he was and that he didn't do well, I did my best to let him know that we were proud of him no matter what the outcome was.  So, it was an absolute thrill when we learned he had been selected to perform as part of the All State choir. Over 1,200 kids auditioned for 120 spots.  It truly was an honor to be selected.  So, seeing Zachary up on stage this weekend singing with kids whom are considered the best and brightest musicians from our state was one of those moments I will never forget.  I can't take any credit, he did all the work and it paid off beautifully (you'll just have to trust me that it was).

Also, you will notice that I didn't post anything from last Wednesday.  That's because of Storm Saturn.  Schools were closed.  The government was closed.  Everyone had run out and bought their milk, toilet paper and eggs.  It was going to be a storm to talk about for ages.  And, was it ever:

So, on to this Wednesday.  This week's theme was "ABC's and 123's".

This is the second Book Report dress I have made, the first one is here.  This is one of those patterns that at first glance I didn't care for but it has really grown on me.  It's such a fun dress and looks so cute on.  A couple weeks ago when the new Oliver + S patterns for spring were released Liesl made mention to the fact that she isn't a "frilly" designer.  I think that's why I am drawn to the Oliver + S patterns (among other things).  They are clean, simple, classic and really look like things that are being sold in stores.  I am not a fan of the "boutique" style of sewing for children's clothes.  To me, "boutique" is too costumey.

The fabric I used is from Robert Kaufman's Celebrate Seuss line, Tossed Letters and a red twill.  I noted the first time I made this dress that I thought a heavier weight fabric for the bottom might be better.  I think I like better.  The twill just seems to give the dress the right "weight" it needs.  I think a corduroy or denim might be nice too.  Quilting cotton works, but I just like this a little better.

Since it was ABC's and 123's, Piper also needed something for show 'n tell as well.  So, last night I whipped up a Purple "P" for Piper. :)

My original plan was to embroider some cute flowers onto the "P" but I am just learning to embroider and starting at 5:00 last night was the wrong time to start.  So, the little bit that I had done got torn out and we had a plain, purple "P".  Piper approved and that's all that really matters in the end.

Here's Piper modeling her adorable dress, checking out the daffodils blooming and enjoying a nice spring day:

And, finally to close the world's longest post.  I learned recently from Zachary that FaceBook isn't "cool" anymore.  Apparently all the "kids" do their social networking on Instagram.  I had an Instagram account a while ago, I didn't use it, so I deleted it.  Now, I am back on Instagram.  You can find me there by searching for NotSewPlain (you will have to ask for permission but I will grant it, just want to know whose looking).  I will try to add a link to my account at the sidebar.

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  1. Congratulations to Zachary! Being selected to All State Choir is indeed an honor.:)

    The Book Report dress is too cute. The pattern was one that I initially didn't think much of but have since grown to love. I love this one paired with the red shoes and yellow leggings!